Thursday, 3 November 2016

Progress Report - Real Racing 3

At a quick glance, it would appear I have played Real Racing 3 a lot. However, once you take into account that these stats began at least in February 2015 (when Google Play recorded my first achievements), some numbers have a little less meaning to them.

Real Racing 3 is a portable game for my phone (which just happens to be a Samsung Note II), only played when the power is out at home, or I am on the road and bringing the laptop isn't a feasible idea. Still, I do get a few things accomplished....

....such as completing the recent Samsung Championship 2. Although I have been using the reward car on loan to complete other tasks....

....I missed out (actually, wasn't paying attention) when I unlock the series to acquire it at a discount, then I just couldn't justify paying out the 250 Gold to get it. Now, I just finally flat out earned it.

A quick level up in gold to help with any future purchases and/or Gold only upgrades.

Speaking of one of those discounts, I managed to progress in one of the racing series to unlock this car, a legend among BMW enthusiasts.

Although I am all over the spectrum, I am slowly chipping away at the Pro Series. 

Sadly the new car wasn't race ready from the start, so time to get back playing and bank up some credits and Gold.

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