Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Progress Report - The Crew and Forza Motorsport 6

First, Forza Motorsport 6. A short while ago, a collection of 10th Anniversary cars with Team Forza livery were given out. Myself, my son and even my wife managed to put all these cars into our garages before the opportunity vanished.

I thought, with these free gifts, I should be able to pretty much continue down my career path and not have to bother buying another car for any event again. Yes and no, would be the answer to that. As much as I like most cars from Audi, they have always been a second choice....

The last car I bought, the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II has reached it's realistic racing limit. To tune it for S Class races would seem....wrong, at least to me (I haven't even looked to see if this is possible, but why bother?). Also, my Spin to Win luck with every level progressed hasn't turned up anything with the flavor I was hoping for. I have collected credits and mods, but another Merc to race with has evaded me.

After running a few races with the Team Forza R8 Coupe and achieving less than stellar results, I broke down and bought the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and picked a tasteful livery. Here was my last race, preempted by the limitations of Xbox Game DVR....

 Although the Viper GTS-R will make a fine car, you could probably guess which one I was hoping for instead!

I have a very similar plan for The Crew, trying to use any gift and/or reward cars to complete as much of the storyline mode as possible. However, the cars I do have come with limitations....or do they?

The video I didn't capture after was picking an ingame 5-10 faction and collecting 100,000 Crew Credits. Between those and the regularly earned credits, I could buy something from one of the dealers. I wonder what I will do?

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