Friday, 20 May 2016

Swedish for taking action

For those of you who watch Top Gear or it's spinoffs, The Stig doesn't need any introduction. However, there might be a select few out there who haven't heard of....him.

The Stig is the silent enigma who sets lap times for cars tested on Top Gear. He is also used in the series of Challenges against the presenters, sometimes to help them, other times, to serve as an obstacle against them. At the time of this writing, this was the role of The Stig, before the Top Gear relaunch set for Fall 2016.

For this series in Forza 6 Apex, I am given the Koenigsegggggggggggggggggg Agera (some might remember that joke) to challenge The Stig on his home turf....

....The Top Gear Test track (located at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, just off the A281 between Guildford and Horsham).

During my race, I don't see The Stig for long, rounding a few corners and he was just left behind.

The results felt....hollow to me. Perhaps, I will go back again and try to increase the difficultly levels. However, here was that first race

Now, I am no stranger to the Agera, I used one as my signature car, later on in Need for Speed World (my customization skills still need work, even after all these years, my attempt at making it an Agera R).

At the time, I was somewhat excited to spend real world money to buy the premium currency called SpeedBoost and purchase this car with. All the hype surrounding this Swedish machine was crushed during my first few races with it.

In both games, the Agera has fantastic takeoff speed and impressive acceleration. Another bonus point is just how much grip those front wheels seem to have. But, there is a trade off. The rear end of this car feels extremely light, the back tires breaking loose from the pavement too easily. The problem with this is the urge to over-correct the steering and start fishtailing out of control. All of that can make for a very scary ride.

After completing the Forza 6 Apex run, I decided to open up Need for Speed World and tried my best to recreate the car from memory. Not a bad job for ten minutes worth of work. Then, I took it out for some action

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