Monday, 16 May 2016

Getting wrecked in Rio

Moving up to the next series, Speed Without Limits.

The only choice of vehicle that was offered was the McLaren P1, which came in a certain shade of orange....

....nearly matching another McLaren I own, in another game I play.

Rio de Janeiro isn't a totally new track to me, I have experienced it before, a few trial runs in Free Play mode. A tricky course, with well placed bumps to lose traction on and corners with interesting angles.

Nevertheless, I wanted to take the P1 out and see how well I could do, cold with no practice in the car.

According to the ingame counter, :57 is where things started to go totally wrong. The game started to lock up, just giving me windows of mere micro-seconds, to try and correct what was about to happen, or brace for impact. After about 20 seconds of that, the game recovered and I was able to pick up the recording to finish the race. Check out the video here

I doubt a body shop would give me any kind of deals on the repairs. 

The best part? Despite the technical issues and some pretty poor driving on my part, I pulled off a top three standing in the end!

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