Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Bond-ish race

Bond, James Bond. 

Those three words can conjurer up a great many things, depending on who you ask. Some will remember the movies for the exotic locales, the fight scenes or even the women, including those out to have this iconic British spy killed.

For me, it was the car chases and fast driving action.

When Need for Speed World was still alive online, it was the Daniel Craig era, so there were no other choices for different Bond-type cars. Eventually, I own both of the Aston Martins that were available for ingame cash. However, it was the hard to drive DBS and the non-human star of Casino Royale that was my favorite between the two.

Speaking of Mr. Craig, I finally had a chance to see the latest Bond offering, Spectre. Not to give the movie away with serious spoilers, but I was certainly on the edge of my seat during the pinnacle car chase.

Which got me to remembering some of the wildest moments I never captured the first time around with the DBS. So, I fired up the Offline version and tried to recreate a one take, no power up scenario in the James Bond style, in a really rough street race....

I am sure the real Bond would have done better, in a more spectacular fashion.

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