Friday, 13 May 2016

Spaghetti Western Shootout

 So, a few days ago now, I asked for a vote on which car to use in the next series in Forza 6 Apex. The response was disappointing, to say the least. Taking my own initiative, I decided to go ahead and use both.

First, the Lambo.

The Huracán felt like a lot of raw power on wheels, without many refined constraints to keep things in check. I was constantly micro-managing the car to just keep it on the track and if I happen to go into the grass, it felt like the car was trying to kill me. It was only on the straight lines where I could relax, a little.

The Lamborghini felt like it lacked grip in the corners, where I was able to just kick out the rear end and almost drift around. However, it was fairly easy to overcompensate in the steering department and shoot off into the grass and/or barriers.

Lamborghini used the bull for their emblem for a reason, if I don't take care and respect the machine, it will throw me off and trample me.

Not a bad time for the first run in a car I have never driven before, but I was just getting started.

Now, the Ferrari.

The 458 Speciale was the complete opposite to the Italian bull. The power was refined and balanced for real directed performance. Turn the wheel and point the nose, away I went. Even when I went off the track, the Ferrari was quick to recover and jump back into the thick of things, gaining any lost speed and positions with only minor-managed effort.

The Ferrari offered a very generous amount of grip, which did require some special attention for the corners. I had to time my braking with my turning to make it all work out right.

The Italian prancing horse treated me alright and rewarded my efforts for this first time outing....

Very nice indeed.

During both races, I tried to capture the action from inside the cars with Windows Game Bar. The Huracán was an absolute failure, the Ferrari was a partial one, with only the first minute and a half here

I do certainly hope this issue gets resolved, soon.

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