Thursday, 5 May 2016

Launch Day

Well, it's here. After going to this link I got the download started (18.8 gigs) and was surprisingly quick, less than an hour for me.

Now, I would have loved to have shown the tutorial process and the first race after that, but it seems I was suffering from some capture issues. The Windows 10 Game Bar was being very picky and NVIDIA ShadowPlay wasn't cooperating either.

However, I did finally earn my first car and already belted out a few races with out, in an attempt to see if any video capture software was going to work properly. It took sometime, with long breaks in between the frustrations. Good thing my screenshot skills are holding out.

I also made the discovery of a the rewards program, found here which might offer up some earned goodies down the road.

Forza Hub appears to be a decent app that will allow to to keep a better track of my achievements and progress through the game, in a much easier and quicker to see fashion. Now, I know that I am trying to take in almost too much, too soon, so I will carefully weigh what extra apps and programs, outside the game itself, will really be worth keeping.

Finally, after a half a day of pulling my hair out, I got Game Bar to capture a race. Now, before giving into the temptation to see it, a few things first. One, I will display some odd driving habits in parts, since I had to activate an unseen, ingame menu, checking on it to make sure things were still working. Secondly, the rest of the time is me being a very aggressive-competitive driver.

Although this is only at the single player stage of development, I won't be driving any different if this was multiplayer. So, if one of these days, sometime down the road, when this goes online with lots of other people joining the same race....better keep an eye on me.

Here is that video, in the raw....

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