Sunday, 8 May 2016

Head to Head: Forza 6 Apex vs Real Racing 3


Now, to do something that others haven't done before, but not with these two items, that I know of. 

Although I may have just started playing Forza 6 Apex, it shares many characteristics found in other track racing games. One such game is Real Racing 3, I have been this playing shortly after it was first released and continue to race, now my second Android phone. So, just for fun, I decided to pit both titles against each other, trying to match the scenarios as close as possible, for no real scientific reasons.

First, the cars. Both titles share a lot of them back and forth. Since I have a soft spot for Godzilla, I chose to use it. In Forza 6 Apex, the GTR is right hand drive, in Real Racing 3, it's left hand drive. Will that make any difference? I didn't notice any.

Then, I matched the track, Brands Hatch. I setup the same number of laps, at four and the weather conditions. In Forza 6 Apex, the same, shortened version of the track in Real Racing 3 is called the Indy Circuit.

In Forza 6 Apex, I left the Nissan GTR is as-received black....

....while in Real Racing 3, it came in a nice silver metallic.  

The ongoing issue of trying to capture the race from within the car, using Windows Gamer Bar, continues, so I saved the replay in Forza 6 Apex and created the video that way. Then, I switched to Real Racing 3. I spent a while the other day in the Google Playstore, trying to find a decent and free capture app. I settled on Mobizen for Samsung. Because it's free, there is a watermark on the screen, but I was able to change that up to something more....familiar.

Running both races nearly back to back, here are the results. At this stage in Forza 6 Apex, all the opponents are pre-programmed bots. In Real Racing 3, since I was logged in, some adversaries are the recorded times of real people and used by the AI for....challenge purposes.


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