Sunday, 8 May 2016

Black is Good

I had noticed a while ago that I had unlocked a car through an achievement in Forza 6: Apex, but just didn't get to using it, until now.

Now, I am not sure if this racing series was opened up by my progress in the others, or by acquiring the achievement car. Nevertheless, I had both and couldn't wait to try things out.

To me, this car is the best of all the worlds, let me explain. Just about every driving game I have played (in recent times) has featured this car, from Need for Speed World to Gran Turismo (even my portable Real Racing 3, I might talk about that in this blog, someday).

Yeah, I was excited to try it out.

Argh, Windows Game Bar has failed me again! However, the developers have been made aware of this issue, from the numerous posts on the forums (for once, I am not interesting in posting there, I think being a social internet hermit might be a good idea, ironic, since I am posting on this....)

I needed to place a minimum of 3rd, so I just went for broke and got first. I saved the replay and might attempt to make a movie out of it. Who am I kidding, here is the video

Nice and it turns out I unlocked a whackload of new cars for this series.

My standings, post-race. No doubt, my position on the boards won't last long.

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