Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Season of Ghosts

Like a lot of popular online MMO's, Need for Speed World was no exception to getting in on the Holiday/Seasonal act. First, I will start with the season of ghosts and goblins.

This will make the second Halloween that Need for Speed World will have been offline, shut down back in July 2015. However, thanks in a huge part to some dedicated people, an offline version can be found, downloaded and played. Although the game still carries on the very spirit (yes, pun intended) of the experience, it is a very lonely place.

Still, it's a chance to get vehicles I never had the time nor real world money to purchase and relive events and places I used to haunt (I can't help myself here). One such vehicle is the McLaren MP4-12C  "Braaaiiiins" Edition. This Zombie themed (complete with sound effects) custom car was only available for real money (SpeedBoost), but came with a M0N5T3R license plate and a pumpkin headed driver!

I never owned it the first time around, but decided, for the sake of the season, to pick it up now and take a little trip down memory lane....

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