Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Deal, part 1

I have been wanting another Mercedes-Benz since I bought, owned briefly then sold my last one, back in 1996 (which will make a very interesting future story). Over the years, I have kept an eye out for another, but poor timing, financial circumstances and real life events have detoured me from realizing that goal.

Nearly two weeks have past since I corrected that oversight in life and this is how it all went down.
I was browsing through one of the local online classified sites when I came across this ad. Something about it piqued my interest and I start to search my own memories as to why it would have such an effect. Instantly, I thought back to the only other Mercedes I owned, a 1970 220D. Other then a few design features, the two cars shared nothing much else in common.

Further back in my mind, I traveled to the doctor's office I went to as a kid, reading through donated issues of Car and Driver, Road and Track and other car magazine in the waiting room. I do recall seeing an ad very much like the one I recently found on the internet, but there was something more to seeing this particular car that I just couldn't put my finger on.

I studied the pictures that were submitted by the dealer who was selling it. From what I could make out, it was in below average condition for a car of this vintage, in my opinion. The front bumper cover was missing and the paint was showing signs of being left out to the elements unprotected.

The interior appeared to be in a fair and very serviceable state, but I know first hand, pictures don't even come close to telling half the story.

Despite this and more, I found myself wanting to experience the car, in person and the best way to make that happen is to have a good night's sleep over that decision.

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