Friday, 8 June 2018

Absence and Disappointment, Part 2

Continued from here.

Although I was crushed by the "unfinanceable" Kia Soul, I didn't walk onto the dealer lot without a short list of alternatives. The recently relaunched (and discontinued) Dodge Dart was on it and there were a few decent examples to pick and choose from.

At the time and in hindsight, I should have left and continued my search for a different vehicle that might have better suited me and my driving style/habits. However, I didn't and opened myself up to the need of "filling the void," now that the Soul wasn't an option. As I stood and starred at the car I would eventually wind up with, I recalled some of the points from amateur/professional reviews I had read on this front wheel drive, Alfa Romeo Giulietta based chassis, sporting a nameplate from years gone by (fitting in rather well with the Charger and Challenger) had created a bit of a "Nouveau Nostalgia." I was starting to seriously consider one, with the persuasive help of the sales person who attached themselves to the moment.

The test drive was an intuitive affair, getting a feel for everything. The steering wasn't nearly as numb as described by a few, the acceleration was spirited with a unique growl, the Alfa Romeo based ride was very comfortable. However, it was the technological features, like the back up camera and touch screen infotainment system, items that some have taken for granted in their current vehicles, was still a new and relatively unknown experience for me. Being a video gamer, this had a strong "intrigue" effect on me.

After running around a directed route, the sales person and I returned to the dealer and started the sale/credit approval process. Part of me felt rather relieved I wasn't leaving the lot empty handed and was about to start my Summer with a new car, the other part was already doubting the decision to move forward with this deal.

Sadly, it wouldn't take long for me to realize which voice in my head I really should have listened to.

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