Thursday, 17 August 2017

Building the New Foundation

One good thing about Twitter, I don't have to start over from scratch. After reviewing the details on my hardly used account and exercising the ability to make some changes (like picking a name out of all the already-used-alternatives), viola, re-branded to go forward. Check out it here.

Of course, since I want to get into more real world content, it only made sense to create a new YouTube channel to showcase all of the future presentations I will be creating. That can be seen here.

Next, I tagged on a Facebook group to see if I could generate any interest from family and friends, see that here (you will have to be logged in to poke around).

As for a new blog, I am not really sure at this point, but I have no intention of shutting this one down either. I still plan on getting the odd driving game in, here and there, or might remember some past automotive adventure and want to share that.

Interesting times these will be, driving down this unmapped road....

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