Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The road to the Huracán

One of the most talked about and anticipated vehicles to be added to The Crew in the Calling All Units update was the Lamborghini Huracán. The real world car was released in 2014, to replace the aging Gallardo, after it's ten year run.

At first, it was to be available as an exclusive gift for those players who started out after the game first launched (announced here Lamborghini Huracán for free ), but with talk on the forums about the playerbase being able to collect through the new Loot Crates, everyone has a chance to own one (subject to a random drop rotation, I will cover this below).

The first three vehicles I collected from the Loot Crates are pictured above. No rhyme or reason, but there they were. Also, let me be very clear, I don't have either the previous Wild Run, nor the current Calling All Units expansions, just the plain Jane game. Then, the Huracán came up as the next vehicle to be won. Here is how I finally put one in my garage....

So, what separates me from those who were promised this vehicle in the announcement? If I had to guess, perhaps the paint, the sticker and some sense of entitlement over not receiving one, despite being told I would (some are having technical issues based on the criteria in the announcement).

However, those random prize drops keep on rolling, since this is the next one up for grabs....

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